Post-Pandemic: The Future of Workplace Strategy

Post-Pandemic: The Future of Workplace Strategy

Ala Sobierajski and Tammy Kosloff from HuddleHQ participated in our live webinar Post-Pandemic: The Future of Workplace Strategy. Ala and Tammy are industry veterans that provide keen insight into how we react organizationally in the face of a pandemic.

What does the workplace look like after COVID-19? We brought together a panel of experts focusing on what to expect in the post-pandemic workplace. Moderated by industry veteran Rick Bartlett, Unisource Solutions, the discussion covers topics including workplace and architectural strategy, occupancy management and workspace optimization.

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Read below for how each expert shares their insight and vision for the future of workplace strategy. 

Ala Sobierajksi & Tammy Kosloff, HuddleHQ

How we react organizationally in the face of a pandemic
  • Initial reaction to pandemic/leveraging the right change management moving forward
  • Returning to the office – how do employers and staff move back into the new post-COVID-19 paradigm?  Short term solutions and tools to ease the transition.
  • Long term Corporate Real Estate Impacts

Tammy Kosloff is the Design & Innovation Lead at HuddleHQ, bringing you over 20 years of interior design and workplace programming expertise. Tammy believes that providing an inviting workplace environment increases productivity and people’s overall happiness. She innovates through design. Highly collaborative partner with cross-functional teams on many continents. Develops and delivers creative workplace solutions for companies at all stages of their growth. Career highlights include the largest US workplace implementation, a leading biotech’s NextGen Workplace Program – where Tammy oversaw the total redesign process and organizational change management.

Ala Sobierajski is the Creative Solutions Lead at HuddleHQ. Ala partners with client organizations and the design community to solve complex problems and deliver exceptional workplace environments. Ala is inspired by how design influences organizational effectiveness, and she understands every project has its unique human factors. She listens to you and creates custom solutions. Thought leader who redefines workplace dynamics globally, regionally and locally. Drives concept development through rapid prototyping to find creative solutions for people, places and performance. Career experience includes the delivery of a worldwide biotech NextGen Workplace Program, along with other progressive workplace environments – including laboratory and manufacturing sites for scientific organizations.  Trained as an architect in Gdansk University of Technology, Poland

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