HuddleHQ Services

  • Our rich workplace experience has allowed us to gain expertise in many areas of planning
  • We have led cross-functional teams (external, internal partnerships, etc.)
  • We can be engaged with the C-Suite (high-level) or tactical issues and tasks – depending on your specific needs and preferences

With in-depth expertise, HuddleHQ ideates the optimal workplace format as an advantage for your business.

Workplace Analytics and Design

Gathering the appropriate workspace data and analytics, a concise and tailored workplace strategy can be formulated to achieve the organization’s workplace vision. Through a variety of observation, interactive and passive data collection methods, we can measure both pre and post-occupancy results and apply them to strategic decision-making.

We bring experience from other projects, industry best practices, and insights to make better use of your space and elevate the employee experience.  To better understand your business, we may use the following data gathering methods:

  • Focus groups
  • Leadership and staff interviews
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Workplace observation usage studies
  • Technology audits

Space Utilization Studies: Data Leading to Better Results

Why measure space?

  • Vital to track how and where employees work to provide the right space, they need to be more productive, collaborative and fulfilling
  • Establish more efficient targets for use of facilities
  • Eliminate the risk of overcrowding or underutilizing the space and negatively affecting the occupier experience
  • Provide a return on investment in the workplace by determining a true utilization ratio that justifies the space investment
  • Reduce excess costs by understanding the unused capacity at the building or floor level


  • Identify and match the utilization method to fit your needs
  • Target keyspace types to be monitored for use by staff
  • Look for daily utilization patterns on a floor plate & building
  • Look for utilization trends in various space types


  • Identify what space solutions are working and not working
  • Outline key recommendations that are scalable and adaptable (can be applied globally)
  • Identify a framework for a potential kit of parts approach for better space utilization
  • Contributes to potential programs for schematic designs
  • Input for future change management program (i.e. upcoming relocations and new occupancies)

Strategic Space Planning and Programming

An efficient advanced workplace strategy (AWS) integrates the key elements of physical space design, information technology (both infrastructure and devices), and effective HR policies to better enable work and increase operational efficiency.

HHQ will maximize the aesthetics and functionality to deliver more flexible, efficient, agile, and dynamic workspaces.  We recognize that Workplace Design has a direct impact on employee productivity, job satisfaction, and general well-being. For these reasons – we ensure you get your workplace design right at the onset.  We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach for any Activity Based Working (ABW) or Hybrid Workplace Strategy (HWS), each program needs to be tailored to reflect an organization’s business model and culture.

In practice, the activity-based concept is often combined with other workplace concepts and design ideas such as remote working, co-working, collaborative space, agile working, and healthy offices. We can discuss the most important ones with you to determine which is the right application for your organization.


Improving Scientific Productivity

• Shared space (with neighborhoods)

• Shared equipment (encourages collaboration and interaction)

• A variety of collaboration spaces (exchanging information)

• Density (getting people to connect)

• Open (keeping sigh lines clear)


• Universal utility provision above the ceiling

• Standardized, reconfigurable interchangeable, modular ‘Kit of Parts

• Reconfigurable labs allow scientists to optimize workflows

Cost Efficiency

• Use of standardized prefabricated assemblies

• Efficient laboratory planning


We offer a selection of project support services including:

  • Pre-Planning Assessment
  • Site Selection
  • Project Programming
  • Test fits & Schematic Layouts
  • Project Management Support
  • Furniture & Design Standards
  • Finish Selection
  • Ergonomic Product & Recommendations


Change Management has emerged as a key ingredient to success:

  • High levels of employee engagement
  • Satisfaction levels
  • Retention
  • Organizational agility

What we do:

  • Develop and realize your vision of success
  • Understand people, culture, values & mission
  • Redefine the workplace/employee experience
  • Fully enable your office technology
  • Provide change and communication plan
  • Measure satisfaction & engagement levels


We lead clients to assess strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and resources to facilitate your project’s business case. Implementing a space efficiency analysis will allow us to evaluate potential designs or plans to check viability and to see if there is room for modifications and improvement.

HuddleHQ will deliver:

• Space Efficiency Analysis
• Maximum Real Estate Value


Whether you open in a limited capacity or opt for a more permanent hybrid working model, HuddleHQ will support your return-to-work plan that puts employee safety at the center of your strategy — while still meeting the needs of your business.  Understand how your organization can leverage our experience to manage through the decisions needed to implement a new workplace strategy, with confidence.

The shift to hybrid work is a pivotal moment that requires asking new questions: What should be done remotely? How do we bring people back to the workplace safely? How do we empower everyone to thrive when people are working from home, in the office, or at a worksite – and everywhere in between?  In short, how do we make hybrid work, work?

The shift to hybrid work is a strategic business opportunity for every organization – one that requires a new operating model.   Each organization will need to come together to reimagine how to empower employees, engage customers, optimize operations, and transform products.