With in-depth expertise, HuddleHQ ideates the optimal workplace format as an advantage for your business. 

Redefining the future of working and delivering value through distinct services:  


  • Workplace Analytics and Design 

  • Strategic Space Planning and Programming 

  • Laboratory Planning

  • Project-based Support

  • Organizational Change

  • Property Evaluation

HuddleHQ is a, comprehensive workplace design and consultancy service defining optimal and flexible solutions to achieve thriving work environment

We are a committed team of experienced professionals who led organizational and workplace transformation at a Fortune 500 company for 20 years

Pairing our formal architecture and design education with personal passion, we partner with you to develop engaging and creative workplace experiences

We understand the corporate complexity of developing a business case and seeking executive leadership endorsement

Let us help you develop and deliver innovative space solutions that directly influence your organization’s success

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